Motor City Management Group - Mold infested home


When it rain or moist all my bedrooms and bathroom. Is molded. My closet is molded clothes are destroyed and bedroom covers are destroyed and health getting worse at 8270 Maxwell Warren Michigan

I have put in a an order no one has come out. I lost furniture the. Whole house is molded. Health problems are worst

It would be nice if some one told us before we rented the home.,, this mold has caused me to throw out almost all my clothes and furniture. I have already suffer with medical problems I am disabled this mold is harming my health

Please someone help me with this situation. Thank you. Arlene 313 980 0232.

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Motor City Management Group is a Scam!! (One Source Provider, Altair12, Hilt, etc..)

Dearborn Heights, Michigan 2 comments

I applied to their ad on Craigslist. They said they had leads, told me it was business to business, and told me they didn't offer 100% commission.

All of it was a lie!

They scam customers into using Volunteer Energy to their homes and lied to people about U-verse. Brad Burk, Rob Hill, and some other managers all lie to you and will scam you to work for them.

They are all failed business people who try to take out their failures on others. They will scam you!!

They also go by OneSource Provider, Hill inc, Altair 21, Hilt, etc...

Stay far far away!



Interviewed in Ann Arbor for a lady named Katie what a joke! I feel bad for people who get roped into it.

Then they sales "kids" came to my door about Uverse funny cause its not even available in my are. Complete joke!!!


This is so, so true! I interviewed at Altair 12 and it is nothing but a massive scam! They should all be ashamed of preying on people trying to find a job.

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